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Startling research about RSI and the benefits of Maltron Keyboards

In the United Kingdom, where the Maltron keyboard originated over 25 years ago, much research has been undertaken on Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and the advantages of the Maltron keyboard in helping to prevent and manage this condition. Unfortunately similar research has not been conducted in Australia, but we hope in the future it will be. Particularly when the figures are so alarming and the benefits of Maltron keyboards so striking.

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School of Health organisation and a world record holder give Maltron Single Handed Keyboards the nod!

The School of Health organisation in Chicago in the USA has recently shown their support for the Maltron Single Handed keyboard by placing a large order for keyboards for people who only have functionality in one hand (ordering both left and right handed keyboards).

These keyboards are designed and shaped to provide the best ergonomic arrangement of keys to give strain free five-digit operation. The letter layout is arranged to minimise successive use of a single finger, which would considerably slow typing pace.
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