Startling research about RSI and the benefits of Maltron Keyboards

In the United Kingdom, where the Maltron keyboard originated over 25 years ago, much research has been undertaken on Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and the advantages of the Maltron keyboard in helping to prevent and manage this condition. Unfortunately similar research has not been conducted in Australia, but we hope in the future it will be. Particularly when the figures are so alarming and the benefits of Maltron keyboards so striking.

Read on to find out more..

RSI is the second most common work related disease in the UK, with over 350,000 sufferers.

These 350,000 sufferers take a combined total of 10 million sick days per year. This costs UK businesses approximately 2 Billion pounds ($2 Billion AUD) per annum! This does not include the cost of personal injury claims.

Maltron keyboards have been shown to:

  • Ease the pain and disability for sufferers of RSI.
  • Enable return to work for RSI sufferers and those individuals with reduced or no function in one or both upper limbs.
  • Reduce organisation’s costs for sick days from RSI.
This is because:
  • Maltron’s revolutionary hand positions remove static muscle strain and promote free blood flow.
  • Natural and gentle hand and finger movements cause no stretching and start recovery from muscle fatigue, tendon inflammation and pain.
  • This improves the well-being and productivity of users who will no longer need time off to ease pain.
  • It also demonstrates duty of care, reducing personal injury claims.
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